New small coaxial connector system

with low PIM and ruggedized design 

for space reduction requirements of small cells

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NEX10®  – a jointly developed new RF connector system.

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The NEX10® is a new small coaxial connector system offering low PIM and ruggedized design in a compact size:
meeting the upcoming space reduction requirements of small cells.

NEX10® meets the demands of the 5G/LTE standards

IEC standardization in progress

Small size, 12.7 mm flange height

Screw and push-pull coupling

-166 dBc PIM, independent of torque

Robust design for outdoor use

Operating up to 20 GHz with excellent return loss

Power Handling of ¼”and ½“ Cables

NEX10® Derating Diagram of 1/4

Cooperation of Leading Connector Suppliers

As the telecommunications industry moves towards the small cell approach the radios and antennas are becoming ever-smaller, therefore demanding a highly compact, high performing coaxial RF connector. The key highlights of the new connector system include its excellent PIM stability of -166 dBc, flexibility of coupling mechanism (quick lock and screw), and ruggedized design in a compact size – a flange height of just 12.7 mm to suit small cell radio and antenna size requirements.

By combining the expertise of three leading RF connector manufacturers in the telecommunications industry, the objective has been to develop a small coaxial connector system capable of meeting the existing and future demands of small cell networks for 4G and upcoming 5G networks.

• Implementations with NEX10® are spreading in the markets and successfully conquering new applications every day

• In applications where size matters the NEX10® is recommended over the larger 4.3-10 or other interfaces

• IEC standardization is in progress and further suppliers are being licensed


Ready and future proofed for 5G

The NEX10® interface is the ideal candidate for applications requiring PIM stability in a compact size such as small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS), in-building architecture, and MIMO.

  • Small cell applications
  • Low-power base stations
  • Multi-operator/multiband DAS
  • Blind mate for panel connection as well as test & measurement


PIM stability and robustness in a small size

The NEX10® interface was designed using the many years of experience gained in low PIM connector design. The result: a robust, low PIM connector.

  • Co-developed by leading RF connector manufacturers
  • Cable connectors for up to ½“ and ¼“ corrugated cables

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Safe and damage-free connecting
Cable assembly PIM measurement

NEX10® is one of the smallest coax connector systems for small cell mobile communication on the market